• Miromiro Hapene Koru Arrangement

Miromiro Hapene Koru Arrangement

The New Zealand Tomtit or “miromiro” in Te Reo (Māori) is the North Island subspecies of the tomtit.

It looks similar to a robin, but it is in fact a unique species in its own right. They are a small bird with a large head, a short bill and tail, and live in forest and scrub.

This simple yet unique arrangement from Artiflax consists of Chocolate Hapene flax koru's in a Fernwood ponga vase.

This flax floral arrangement is an ideal alternative to fresh flowers, as a lasting gift that is uniquely “New Zealand”. 

This arrangement is Approx 550mm high.

 Please note: The Fernwood vase this arrangement features is a natural New Zealand tree product. The vase may differ in pattern from the one pictured here - no two vases are identical.



If you are interested in finding out more about this New Zealand Native Bird check out the NZ Department of Conservation website:


Or the NZ Birds Online Encyclopaedia:


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