Kererū Flax Bouquet


Artiflax's Kereru Flax Bouquet was inspired by New Zealand's native wood pigeon the kererū, also known in Northland as kūkū or kukupa.

The kererū is a large bird, growing up to 51cm in length and weighing up to 650 grams.

Since the extinction of New Zealand’s unique flightless moa, the kererū are now the only bird species in New Zealand that are large enough to swallow big fruit, such as those of the karaka, miro, and tawa, and disperse the seed over long distances.

The disappearance of these birds could be a disaster for the regeneration of New Zealand’s native forests.

The head, neck and wings of adult kererū are a bold and bright blue-green, with a purple-bronze iridescence on its neck. The lower body of the kereru in stark contrast consists of pure white feathers, with a sharp demarcation between the white and blue-green on the upper breast.

To celebrate the kererū, Artiflax’s Flax Artist, Sema, has created a handmade Harakeke (Flax) Bouquet that reflects the colours of the kererū’s plumage – green and purple.

This hand-tied flax bouquet contains flax flowers in various shades of green and purple, wrapped with purple fabric and a bright lime green abaca, then finished off beautifully with a purple ribbon.

The Kereru Flax Bouquet is available in 3 sizes

Small: Contains approx 10 flax flowers. Length approx 50cm $80.00
Medium: Contains approx 20 flax flowers. Length approx 70cm $120.00
Large: Contains approx 30 flax flowers. Length approx 90cm $180.00

Kererū photo credit: Kathi Fachet         

If you are interested in finding out more about this New Zealand Native Bird check out the NZ Department of Conservation website:

Or the NZ Birds Online Encyclopaedia:

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