Medium Kea Flax Bouquet

Artiflax's Kea Flax Bouquet is inspired by New Zealand's Native Bird the kea, which is the World’s only Alpine Parrot.

The kea is also one of the most curious and intelligent birds in the World, renowned for their love of interacting with humans and playfully destroying things like automobiles. Windscreen wipers and the rubber surrounding car doors are the kea’s favourite targets.

Unfortunately this has meant the kea is now an endangered species. Their abundant curiosity has meant they are often the victims of accidents involving cars.

The kea has feathers that look olive green with hints of brown when they are perched, but once they spread their wings and take to the air, they reveal magnificent colouration in the beautiful feathers beneath their wings - vibrant oranges, turquoises and blues look incredible, especially against a background of snow which is often a feature of their habitat.

This hand-tied flax bouquet contains flax flowers in various shades of green and brown, as well as blue, turquoise and oranges reflecting the beautiful feathers kea hide beneath their wings. The flax flowers are wrapped with green fabric and olive abaca, and the bouquet is finished off with a green satin ribbon.

This flax floral arrangement is an ideal alternative to fresh flowers, as a lasting gift suitable for any occasion from a Birthday to a Wedding Anniversary.

Medium: Contains approx 20 flax flowers. Length approx 70cm  $120.00

Kea photo credit: Katrina Henderson Photography         

If you are interested in finding out more about this New Zealand Native Bird check out the NZ Department of Conservation website:
Or the NZ Birds Online Encyclopaedia:

  • $120.00