Medium Kākāpō Flax Bouquet

Artiflax's Kākāpō Flax Bouquet was inspired by New Zealand's critically endangered Native Bird - the kākāpō and its beautiful shades of green feathers.

The kākāpō is a nocturnal, flightless Parrot that is one of New Zealand’s unique treasures.

The fact that it cannot fly has unfortunately resulted in its critically endangered status. Following the arrival of humans and introduced predators, population numbers dropped swiftly.

Conservation efforts began as far back as 1894, but by the mid-1900s, kākāpō teetered on the edge of extinction.

They are now carefully monitored and can only be found on a few small, isolated Islands in New Zealand that are predator-free.

The kākāpō is a large green parrot with a distinctive owl-like face and a waddling gait. Although they cannot fly, they are very good climbers!

Another thing that is unique about the kākāpō is the fact that it may be the longest-lived bird species in the world, estimated to live up to 90 years if they don’t fall victim to predators.

This hand-tied flax bouquet contains a variety of different flax flowers in shades of green, wrapped with green embossed fabric, green abaca, then finished off beautifully with a fresh green ribbon.

Medium: Contains approx 20 flax flowers. Length approx 70cm $120.00

If you are interested in finding out more about this New Zealand Native Bird check out the NZ Department of Conservation website:
Or the NZ Birds Online Encyclopaedia:

  • $120.00