• Small Tūī Flax Bouquet
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  • Small Tūī Flax Bouquet
  • Small Tūī Flax Bouquet
  • Small Tūī Flax Bouquet

Small Tūī Flax Bouquet

New Zealand’s Native tūī belongs to the honey-eater family of birds, which means they feed mainly on nectar from flowers of native plants.

Tūī can be found throughout the three main islands of New Zealand, they are not an endangered species.

However, something truly unique about the tūī (according to my friend Kathi Fachet – a self-confessed “Bird Nerd”) - is that the tūī is one of only a small number of birds in the World that has a split voice box, allowing it to sing two different "notes" at the same time.  Hearing a tūī in full song is really an amazing experience.

Artiflax’s Flax Artist Sema has created a flax (Harakeke) bouquet inspired by the tūī’s stunning plumage.

While the tūī looks black and somewhat nondescript from a distance, up close, or in good light, Tui have a beautiful blue-green iridescent sheen to their feathers.

They also sport a subtle white “collar” – as well as a very distinctive white throat “tuft” that is also known as a “Poi”.

This hand-tied Artiflax flax bouquet contains flax flowers in shades of green, blue, turquoise and black.

The inclusion of white flax flowers is inspired by the tūī’s distinctive white sheen and collar.
The flax flowers are wrapped with blue fabric and black abaca, and then finished off beautifully with a white organza ribbon.

Small: Contains approx 10 flax flowers. Length approx 50cm 

Tūī photo credit: Kathi Fachet         

If you are interested in finding out more about this New Zealand Native Bird check out the NZ Department of Conservation website:
Or the NZ Birds Online Encyclopaedia:

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