• Ngakau Heart Flax Bouquet

Ngakau Heart Flax Bouquet

“Ngakau” in Te Reo (Maori) means “Heart”.

The power of Harakeke, both in Maori folklore and spiritually, helped Artiflax's Flax Artist Sema to understand her own mixed ancestry better, which includes being of Maori descent.

The Harakeke (flax) plant represents the whanau (family) in Maori tradition. The Rito or flax shoot – young and tender – is the child, protected by surrounding leaves called the awhi rito (the parents). The stronger, still broad, outer leaves are the tupuna (the grandparents and the ancestors).

Like the leaves of the flax bush, the family becomes interdependent. The young grow up feeling protected, mature and in turn, care for the older whanau members.

Sema calls the heart-shaped Rose she has created her "Forever in my Heart Flowers”.

This stunning Ngakau (Heart) Flax Bouquet is the perfect gift to send to your loved ones to let them know how much you love them.

Flax and families – it’s all about heart.

This arrangement has 3 gorgeous pink heart flax roses and pink and green Hapene flax ribbon.  

It is lovingly wrapped with deep purple fabric and hot pink abaca and finished off with a bright green organza ribbon.  

Approx length is 80cm

  • $68.00