• Tui Flax Bouquet
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  • Tui Flax Bouquet
  • Tui Flax Bouquet
  • Tui Flax Bouquet

Tui Flax Bouquet

Artiflax's Tui Flax Bouquet is inspired by New Zealand's native Tui bird.  While the Tui looks black from a distance, up close or in good light, Tui have a beautiful blue, green iridescent sheen to their feathers with a distinctive white throat tuft also known as a poi.

This hand tied flax bouquet contains varied flax flowers in shades of green, blue, turquoise and black and white.  The flax flowers are wrapped with blue fabric and black abaca, then finished off beautifully with a white organza ribbon.

Available in 3 sizes

Small: Contains approx 10 flax flowers. Length approx 50cm

Medium: Contains approx 20 flax flowers. Length approx 70cm

Large: Contains approx 30 flax flowers. Length approx 90cm

  • $80.00

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